Creatures of the Deep – Short Film

I came across this video in my Vimeo feed and loved it. Had to share it with all the Adayak fans out there.

To those who keep trying; those who carry on, who don’t stop when they want to give up, who test boundaries and fight fear with heart. To those who weather the storm, who choose character over comfort; those who enter the thicket of the wild, who persist, who get back up, wipe the sweat, and march forward, despite the uncertainty: the possibility of failure. To those: the few, the daring, who endure, who press on past the last gasp, who turn and face their obstacles and discouragement. To those who raise their hand when the weight seems too much; those who define courage, who separate the strong from the weak, who haunt a brand of passion set aside for such a breed.

To those who have the heart, here’s to you: the creatures of the deep.

Director / Camera / Edit: Josh Brine (
Co Creative Directors: Jacob Cowdin ( and Luke Leasure (
Music: “Byegone” by Volcano Choir
Words: Josh Brine

Bear Island – Chasing The Dream – Trailer

Wow – what an incredible adventure this looks like.  Three brothers explore the Bear Island for waves. They live in a tent, and carry all their stuff on sledges. The bring tons of gear for fishing, climbing, snowboarding, kite surfing, etc. Any adventure you can think of, they did it there on Bear Island — thousands of miles from home with the threat of polar bears around every corner.

Check out the trailer.

The Van Life – A Mountain Biking Film

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a van, traveling across the country to compete in mountain biking races? Well, Ryan Gardner is living that life and it’s been documented in this short 4 minute film called “The Van Life 2”

This video features Knapps Castle trail in the backcountry of Santa Barbara, California.

For The Love of Mountains – 2 Minute Video

This is a really cool illustrated video showing great information about some of the world’s greatest peaks.

Nature lovers will enjoy this video, which walks you through the world’s most interesting mountains – from the highest in altitude to the hardest to climb, the most dangerous or highest unclimbed; from Everest to Kilimanjaro – all in under two minutes.

Hiking to Marmot Pass

Coleman Smith recently uploaded a short video of his hike on Marmot Pass with a couple of friends. If you’re ever looking to give this trail a shot, the video will give you an idea of the parking situation, trailhead and vertical climb to expect.

Marmot Pass, at 6,000 feet-high, provides a trail corridor through the Buckhorn Wilderness in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. The pass is situated near Buckhorn Mountain and Iron Mountain.

The Road From Karakol – Full Film

The Road From Karakol is arguably one of the greatest outdoor films in the past few years. It took home the Best In Fest award at this year’s 5Point Film Festival. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your chance.

In summer 2011, Outdoor Research athlete Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear, and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words. He spent two months pedaling and pushing the bike more than 1200 km on roads of variable states of neglect, wading through wild rivers, dealing with corrupt military checkpoint staff, and soloing a handful of unclimbed alpine rock and mixed routes. He recorded the journey, his camera his only partner, friend, and sometimes the only receiving end of his conversations for days at a time.

In 2013, Kyle’s self-shot footage of his journey in Kyrgyzstan made it to the desk of filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak, who were asked to look at the footage and see if there might be enough to chop together a 4-minute climbing film. They saw a lot more potential in it, and turned it into the 25-minute “The Road From Karakol,” which debuted at the 5Point Film Festival and took home the Best In Fest award.