Top Hiking Tweets of the Hour

I troll Twitter quite a bit… usually just catching up on what friends are doing or looking for new articles/photos about the great outdoors. By the way, Adayak is on Twitter – follow us now if you’re not already @Adayak. But sometimes I’ll just troll the search results for keywords like hiking, climbing, kayaking etc to see what people are talking about. Usually I’ll find a tweet or two like “skiing in Lake Tahoe” orĀ  “hiking Mt. Whitney” … things that make me happy to read.

But other times you’ll come across something funny, strange or just off the charts. Here are the “Top” hiking tweets of the last hour. Enjoy!

@WeeblezWobble I have this crazy urge to go hiking. #wtf

@djcarson1205 It is so windy today. I’d love to go hiking but with it being deer season, I don’t trust that there aren’t trespassing hunters around….

@kyle11611 Skinny pants and some vans are not made for hiking

@marian_kihogo LESSON OF THE DAY – If the mountain won’t come to you, I say wear your hiking boots and scale it. Nothing worth getting, is easy.

@th0i3 Driving to fox glaciers and 4 hours of hiking.

@iamrytragik It’s really pretty out…. I wish i was fishin, or hiking, ANYTHING but sitting in this damn office.

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