Trail Talk: The Steph Davis One

I pass through over 100 blogs (probably a lot more) ever week… searching for the best content. I love reading the stories and outdoor adventures from people all over the world – it helps you escape from reality when you’re stuck in an office. Every Friday, we bring you some of our favorite blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc of the week.

In today’s Trail Talk we have the type of woman every adventurer would want, we find out how the Toxaway River got its name, a video of some intense skiing in the French and Swiss Alps, a recap from the Rove Canyon River race, a new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries, and a link to the full length documentary on Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest summit. Enjoy!

Washington AdventuresMy Type of Woman
EGCREEKINThe Way of “Tox”
The Mountain WorldInspiration and Sobering Reality
Roaring Fork KayakersRobe Canyon Downriver Race 2010!
The Dirtbag DiariesScars
Cold SplintersThe Conquest of Everest

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