It’s Officially Spring

It is officially spring – but don’t hang up your ice axe just yet. March 21st marks the first day of spring on our calendars, but around here you would hardly notice. I associate spring time with blooming flowers, green grass, melting snow and warm weather. However, here in Michigan we aren’t experiencing any of those yet and I’m sure those of you further up north and out west aren’t either.

Just because the calendar hits March 21 doesn’t mean we have to abandon our love for outdoor winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and ice climbing. You will definitely have to be more careful as you enter warmer days and the snow begins to loosen up, but there is still plenty of time to have fun and enjoy the cold outdoors. I’m seeing ski resorts out west running at 100% and some mountains on the east coast extending their operating days to accommodate everyone.

If you love outdoor winter sports, definitely take advantage of these last few days. Don’t let anyone scare you off about it being spring already. Spring just means cheaper deals and less people on the slopes! While at it, check out Adayak’s snow sports t-shirts.



Snowboarding at Night – With Fire

How awesome is snowboarding at night under the lights of a trail at your favorite mountain resort? Pretty awesome. Now, imagine how awesome it would be to go snowboarding in the backcountry under the stars and moon light. Oh and throw in complete solitude and a lot of fire.

Having a hard time picturing it? Check out this video to see exactly what it’d be like

West Virginia Snowboarding, Always Strapped

A couple riders from West Virginia set out to show the world that there is great snowboarding in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. The snow isn’t as powdery or thick as out west, but there are some gems on the mountains to take advantage of.

“The police were busy pulling cars out of ditches, so we could ride anywhere in town,” Zerkel says. “We loaded our packs with camera gear and hit spot after spot for two weeks straight.”

Always Strapped was created and edited by a WVU Mountaineers student, Josh Zerkel.