5 Reasons You Should Buy Organic Cotton T-Shirts

make the world a better place

What if I told you that you could make the world a better place by the end of this blog post, all because you’ve learned the benefits of organic cotton t-shirts? At Adayak, we only produce t-shirts made from certified organic cotton because of the many benefits it has over conventional cotton.

Read on if you want to learn why you should buy organic cotton t-shirts.

Benefit #1 – Soft & comfortable
When you shop in the store for a new t-shirt, you like pick the shirt up and feel it with your hands. You want to sense the texture, weight and softness of the fabric because you ultimately want to be comfortable. You should buy organic cotton because it is softer, lighter and breathes easier than convention cotton.

Benefit #2 – It’s all natural
When organic cotton is grown, farmers use only organic, all natural means of agriculture. The cotton seeds are not genetically modified or treated with fungicides like conventional cotton. Growing organic cotton doesn’t involve test tubes, DNA labs, or scientists. It is what it is.

Benefit #3 – Reduced health risks for workers
Cotton is still hand picked on a lot of farms around the world. That means workers spend hours every day in the fields potentially breathing in farming chemicals, walking on pesticides and touching insecticides. You can reduce the health risks for workers from these toxic chemicals by purchasing organic cotton.

Benefit #4 – Chemical free soil
As mentioned in Benefit #3, conventional cotton farms inject and spray their cotton with gallons and gallons of pesticides. Whatever chemical doesn’t hit the cotton will land on the soil and eventually seap into the ground when it rains. Down the road this will damage the soil for future farming and could affect a city’s drinking water. Organic cototn farms use tried and true methods of farming such as crop rotation that avoid injecting the earth with chemicals.

Benefit #5 – Certified
If you ever purchase a used car at a dealer they will always want to put you in a “certified pre-owned” car. These cars are certified because they’ve gone through rigorous manufacturing testing to assure quality. The same thing is applied to organic cotton. In the United States, the USDA oversees and certifies that the organic cotton was grown according to specific guidelines.

For superior quality organic cotton t-shirts, head over to the Adayak Shop where you can find apparel for hikers, campers, paddlers, climbers and anglers. Don’t you want to make the world a better place? Shop now!