Great Views From Eldorado Peak

At 8868 ft in elevation, Eldorado Peak in Washington stands out as a majestic mammoth in the North Cascades National Park. Eldorado Peak is famous famous for the narrow, snow capped summit ridge (fast forward to 2:25 in the video below).

From the video description by Garrett Grove

Joe Sullivan and myself took advantage of what will most likely be the last sunny weekend of the fall and since winter is quickly approaching we wanted to get up into an area we hope to spend some time skiing in.

Eldorado Peak is a classic climb in the heart of the Cascades, a fast steep approach, great campsites, 7300 feet of elevation gain and a memorable knife ridge to the summit make it a must do.

Summit Post has a great page on Eldorado Peak with an overview of the mountain, how to get there, climbing tips, places to camp etc. This alpine climb should be on any mountaineers’ list in the United States.