Gem of United States Nature – The Grand Canyon

grand-canyonA summer vacation idea not to be missed is a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park is split into two rims; the North and South rim. Due to the disparity in their elevations, the two rims seem like two completely separate parks. If you’re interested in visiting the North Rim, be sure to save the trip for a date between May and October, or you may risk being trapped by snowfall. However, a visit to the North Rim is well worth it because of the breathtaking views and solitude that can be experienced through a day hike.

Both rims should be explored through day hikes, and can be explored in a variety of different ways. Park rangers are available to offer information on the history and science of the park, and mule trips are offered for both rims. The South rim offers a Desert View drive, whitewater rafting trips through the Colorado River, and a photo hot spot for nature photographers trying to find the best lighting to capture views of the park. The North rim offers a myriad of different hiking trails and roads, and should be explored as thoroughly as possible for some truly awesome sights.

Grand Canyon Secret Spots

You’d think that in a place that is 1,904 square miles there would be a few spots to find some privacy or maybe a few secret spots to discover on your own. What makes this difficult in the Grand Canyon is that the terrain is rugged, the heat is scorching and the land is barren. If you stray from the path and get lost, you will likely die.

Backpacker Magazine offers up a tip for a private slice of heaven. Follow their guide for a chance to explore side canyons that few hikers ever see. Although now that the secret is out, will you be the only one there on your next trip?

grand canyon secrets