Dirtbag Diaries Live From 5 Points Film Festival

A new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries is out – this one, a little different from the rest. For the first time, Fitz and Becca Cahall put on a live performance of their show. They were invited by the creators of the 5 Points Film Festival to create an on-stage, live story telling event during the show. They interviewed featured film makers and the people who were in the films, asking them about the filming process and the journey that was captured in each piece.

In the first volume of this series, we hear the stories of Baybe Champ, a old soul in a 22 year old body trying to change his life, and Frank Smetherhurst, an angler trying to protect his fishing spot.

Click Here To Listen to Volume I

Official Dirtbag Diaries Shirts

Adayak is proud to announce a new partnership with Fitz Cahall to bring you official Dirtbag Diaries shirts and decals. The Dirtbag Diaries is a “homegrown podcast for dirtbags and their allies.” The diaries has filled our lives with incredible story telling – the perfect piece to keep you connected to the outdoors while stuck in a 6×6 office cubicle. Over the last few years the DBD team has grown the podcast into something special for thousands of listeners.

You may have seen us mention Fitz on this blog (or Facebook/Twitter) before … he’s also behind the popular web series The Season and Tracing The Edge.

Now, on to the shirts. We’ve kicked things off with two classic Dirtbag Diaries designs: The Human Mule and Three Types of Fun. Both shirts are made from organic cotton and shipped in recycled materials. Help support the Diaries by picking up a new t-shirt or vinyl car decal.

The Human Mule T-shirt by Dirtbag Diaries Dirtbag Diaries shirt
women's dirtbag diaries shirts DBD Decal

As with all our products, 3-Day Shipping is $3.99 and you get a 90-Day return policy – that’s a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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