7 Reasons Why You Don’t Enjoy Yourself in the Outdoors

We like to call ourselves outdoor enthusiasts – it means we live and die for being in the outdoors, whether it’s hiking a trail, climbing some granite or paddling a river. But have you ever been trekking through the outdoors and didn’t enjoy yourself. Hey, it happens… and you’re not alone. Even though being in the outdoors is our passion it doesn’t man we are immune to things that can turn a great experience into a bad one.

Let’s take a look at 7 Reasons Why You Don’t Enjoy Yourself in the Outdoors.

why you don't enjoy hiking
Photo from Flickr by fusatia

1. You make it a competition
You turn a fun trip with friends into a competition. Who can climb the fastest, who can paddle the quickest? It’s not always a race or tryouts for the all-pro team.

2. You go at the wrong time
Planning a day hike through the Grand Canyon in August is not always the best idea. You have to plan your time in the outdoors depending on seasons and locations. Going somewhere at the wrong time of day or year will get your frustrated.

3. You get burned out
Kayaking the same river 4 times a week for 16 weeks straight will give you burn out. Part of our passion for the outdoors includes the urge we have to explore new places. Doing the same runs over and over is a sure fire why to not enjoy yourself.

4. You don’t wear the right clothing
You could be having the best time hiking a trail in the late afternoon in your shorts and t-shirt, but then you start gaining elevation and you didn’t bring a change of clothes. The temps are colder and the wind is blowing – uh oh. Not wearing the right clothing in the outdoors is definitely a reason why you might not enjoy yourself.

5. You don’t bring enough food/water
I once went on a hike with my wife and parents, it turned out taking us longer than expected. We were all starving and all we had for food was a bag of peanut butter pretzels for the four of us. Being in the outdoors on an empty stomach sucks.

6. You don’t protect yourself from bugs
Bugs (mosquitoes and gnats in particular) are extremely annoying when in the outdoors. If you don’t protect yourself with the proper bug spray then you will not enjoy your time outside.

7. You got stuck with a bad group
Ever been on a solo hike and had someone annoying meet you on the trail and then want to become your best friend? Ever been on a climbing wall with your friends and a group of rowdy know-it-alls shows up and takes over your space? Getting stuck with or stuck near a bad group of people will put a damper on your day.

If you have any reasons you’d like to add to the list, please post a comment.