Dirtbag Diaries 2011 Year of Big Ideas

A new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries came out yesterday called “Buckle Down” … it’s the annual Year of Big Ideas episode.

The podcast starts out with a visit from James Q. Martin – the man behind Rios Libres and the film ‘Power in the Pristine.’ James is on a mission to save Patagonia’s Pascua River from a dam project that threatens one of the last remaining true wildernesses on the planet.

After 13 or so minutes with James, Fitz Cahall jumps into the big ideas. We hear about trail building, garden growing, a 40 kilometer trail run, a organic snack food company, following gray wolves through Idaho, and reviving the quietness.

It was a fun episode that gets your thinking about your goals and your big ideas for 2011. Ours is to continue expanding our product line, improve sustainability, donate more to conservation efforts and to take more adventure vacations.

Speaking of expanding the product line … have you seen our new Dirtbag Diaries inspired t-shirts designed by Walker Cahall?

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New DBD Episode: Unseen But Felt

A new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries came out over the long holiday weekend called Unseen But Felt. This episode is not a story submitted by a listener, it’s a hard to believe tale from Fitz and Becca Cahall’s six week trip through the Sierra’s a few months ago.

At its core, The Diaries has always been about the joy of wild places and our community’s profound optimism, but at times contributors have stepped forward to provide stories about personal struggle, sorrow and depression. The Diaries has embraced both the light and the dark, because ultimately The Diaries are a reflection of me.  Today, I present my own story. It may be hard to believe, but it happened.

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Adayak is proud to announce a new partnership with Fitz Cahall to bring you official Dirtbag Diaries shirts and decals. The Dirtbag Diaries is a “homegrown podcast for dirtbags and their allies.” The diaries has filled our lives with incredible story telling – the perfect piece to keep you connected to the outdoors while stuck in a 6×6 office cubicle. Over the last few years the DBD team has grown the podcast into something special for thousands of listeners.

You may have seen us mention Fitz on this blog (or Facebook/Twitter) before … he’s also behind the popular web series The Season and Tracing The Edge.

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Trail Talk: The Kayaking With Alligators One

It’s Friday and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Our offices are closed on Monday, so be sure to get your orders placed by Saturday (5/29) 10:00 AM Eastern to ensure they are shipped out on Saturday. If you don’t make the deadline we will ship your order on Tuesday morning when mail resumes. Don’t forget to check out our four brand new paddling t-shirts … they are hot right now and a great buy for the summer.

Ok, now that all the boring corporate stuff is out of the way let’s get into this week’s edition of Trail Talk. This week we have kayaking with alligators (would you do it?), hiking on the Old Mount Si Trail outside of Seattle, a run-in on the trail with a turkey hunter (scary), a new Dirtbag Diaries podcast on inspiration (climbing and amateur boxing), and rock climbing in the Utah Desert.

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As always, submit us your favorite blog posts of the week and we’ll include them in the next edition of Trail Talk.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone – and get outdoors!

Trail Talk: The Steph Davis One

I pass through over 100 blogs (probably a lot more) ever week… searching for the best content. I love reading the stories and outdoor adventures from people all over the world – it helps you escape from reality when you’re stuck in an office. Every Friday, we bring you some of our favorite blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc of the week.

In today’s Trail Talk we have the type of woman every adventurer would want, we find out how the Toxaway River got its name, a video of some intense skiing in the French and Swiss Alps, a recap from the Rove Canyon River race, a new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries, and a link to the full length documentary on Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest summit. Enjoy!

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Have you seen something awesome on the outdoors blogosphere? Send us the link or post a comment and share. We love reading about new adventures and happenings.