Is Canoeing Harder Than Kayaking?

Over the last thousand years there have been debates battled by mankind:

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
Did aliens help the Egyptians build the pyramids?
Who shot JFK?
Is Canoeing Harder than Kayaking?

So many tough questions! Well, today we are going to tackle one of them… and no, I don’t know if aliens helped build the pyramids. But what I do know is that many people believe canoeing is harder than kayaking. Why? Let’s look at some of the reasons presented by The Institute of Advanced Canoe Learning.

1. Half the Paddle – those kayakers have it so easy with their two sided paddles.
2. Less maneuverability – you can’t turn on a dime with a canoe
3. Bulky – ever try carrying a wooden canoe by yourself?
4. Air born – sit in the back of a canoe by yourself and you might pop a wheelie

We want you to help us answer the age old question. Does someone in a canoe work harder than a kayaker? Your answer might help us validate the new canoe shirt we brought in.

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