Outdoor Enthusiast’s Heaven – Smoky Mountains National Park

smoky-mountainsThe Smoky Mountains offers an incredible range of diverse activities for visitors to take advantage of. Hiking, cycling, fishing, and the exploration of wildlife and historical sites are available for all people; whether you are brand-new to the tangled wildlife of a national park or an expert, there are opportunities for everyone. Shorter trails are available for those who are more inexperienced, and there are even specially designated child-friendly trails are offered.

A basic understanding of what to do in a dangerous situation involving black bears should be maintained before a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Black bears are often unpredictable and violent animals, and one should not approach them or allow them to approach. In order to not encourage problems between humans and bears, do not throw away food into the wilderness, and certainly do not offer food to the bears.

However, black bears and other forms of wildlife is always a pleasure to view from a distance with a camera or telescope, and should definitely be done. Just remember that safety is first!

Gem of United States Nature – The Grand Canyon

grand-canyonA summer vacation idea not to be missed is a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park is split into two rims; the North and South rim. Due to the disparity in their elevations, the two rims seem like two completely separate parks. If you’re interested in visiting the North Rim, be sure to save the trip for a date between May and October, or you may risk being trapped by snowfall. However, a visit to the North Rim is well worth it because of the breathtaking views and solitude that can be experienced through a day hike.

Both rims should be explored through day hikes, and can be explored in a variety of different ways. Park rangers are available to offer information on the history and science of the park, and mule trips are offered for both rims. The South rim offers a Desert View drive, whitewater rafting trips through the Colorado River, and a photo hot spot for nature photographers trying to find the best lighting to capture views of the park. The North rim offers a myriad of different hiking trails and roads, and should be explored as thoroughly as possible for some truly awesome sights.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

sleeping-bear-dunesLocated in Empire, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes is a great place for a weekend of camping, nature exploration, and fun with the entire family. Not only does it offer rustic-style camping right by the crystal clear and beautiful Lake Michigan, but it also offers campgrounds with modern restrooms, electricity, and paved roads. Camping can also be done on the Manitou Islands.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is comprised of a multitude of different activities. Swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing are all possible on the various lakefronts and rivers, such as Glen Lake and the Platte River. Biking is also a great family friendly activity for the outdoors. Of course, many visitors intend to visit the dunes, and the Dune Climb is highly recommended for everyone! A strenuous climb to the top, it is exhilarating to run and roll back down to the bottom

Yosemite – the Infamous!

yosemiteYosemite is one of the most infamous national parks in the United States. It also has one of the most infamous mispronunciations of all time. Contrary to popular belief (and my personal long-held one) the word does not rhyme with “hose-might”, and rather is pronounced “yo-sim-it-tea”.

But let’s not limit this magnificent piece of nature to its name. Yosemite is a buffet of the various spectacles of nature: waterfalls, mountains, rivers, you name it.

A classic visitor stop is the Merced River. A beautifully blue, bright body of water, it is an aquatic resource important to Yosemite and the ecosystem it supports within. Certain points along the river offer clear views to the mountains that rise in the distance, a feature that satisfies the most avid photographers. But the river is not limited to sightseeing: it is also a popular spot for rafting, especially in the summer. Swimming through the clean, clear water is enjoyable as well. But be careful, the water is often cold and the currents can be fast and dangerous.

The river and various lakes aren’t the only aquatic beauties of Yosemite. The waterfalls located in Yosemite are stunning, and some of the lesser known ones serve as a real treat for those looking to wander in solitude. A few to put on your list of potential destinations include Illilouette and Chilnualna Falls.

A visit to Yosemite would not be complete without a visit to one of the stony marvels along the Sierra Nevada. The most popular include El Capitan and the Half Dome, both situated in the Yosemite Valley. But there are other worthwhile peaks, such as the Sentinel Rock and the Cathedral Rocks and Spires.

One of history’s legendary photographers, Ansel Adams photographed Yosemite often. His photographs capture Yosemite’s sites at their most beautiful, and if you visit the gift shop, be sure to pick up a few copies of his pictures!

The Best Campsites Collection #5 -Bartlett Cove Campground

Camp where a glacier once stood. Bartlett Cove Campground in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park is off the beaten path, though worth every bit of effort it takes to get there. With endless trail to hike, waterways to kayak, and wildlife to watch (humpback whales, elk, grizzly bears, wolves, to name a few), you’ll quickly realize why Alaska still remains The Last Frontier.


The Best Campsites Collection #4 – Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park offers visitors a rare opportunity to be humbled by nature in an extreme landscape that exists in total opposition to with what is generally regarded as typical U.S. geography. Walking among the dunes with sand as far as the eye can see feels like being on a alien planet—it’s entirely foreign and amazing. Whether your avenue of exploration is by horse back, on foot, or by car, the experience is one not to miss.


The Best Campsites Collection #2 – Jumbo Rocks

Located toward the western border of California’s renowned Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks Campground is just a short hike from some of the area’s coolest rock formations. With just 124 first-come, first-served sites you’ll have to arrive early, as Los Angeles is just over 2 hours away.


The Best Campsites Collection #1 – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a true bucket list destination. It’s unlikely a list about camping has ever missed this American treasure, though that doesn’t discount its awe inspiring nature. In fact, views from the North Rim are in effect the very definition of breathtaking. The area’s most accessible campground features tent and RV camping and is the kind of place you’ll still be talking about months later.


Sneak Peak: New Camping Shirt

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Camping season is upon us. The weather is cooling, the leaves are changing and the rain is slowing down. Now is the time to get outside, pitch a tent and enjoy time with friends and family around the camp fire. We love this shirt as a great conversation piece and way to show everyone you have a passion for camping.

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Adayak camping shirt

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Six Essential Items For A Weekend Camping Trip

It’s camping season — at least in most places. The air is a little cooler, the heavy summer rains have stopped and the fall foliage is beginning to show. September is a great time to recharge yourself… ditch the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy a relaxing camping trip in nature.

When packing for a camping trip, people tend to over pack. They’ll load the car up so high you can’t see out the back window – large grills, coolers, air mattresses, chairs, etc. But, if you’re only heading out for a weekend camping trip, then you don’t need to pack 50lbs worth of gear. You can get by on just a few meals and a small change of clothes. Before you load up the car – camping decal and all – make sure you have the following Six Essential Items:

1. Tent – Make sure you pack a tent that is suitable for the weather conditions you will be in and supports the number of people in your party. Don’t pack a 2 person tent if you’re bringing a family of four. Also, check your tent’s condition before you go. The last thing you want to do is unpack a tent that is covered in mold or has a big hole in the side.

2. Sleeping Bag – Ahhh the comfort of a sleeping bag. Make sure you bring the correct sleeping bag for the weather. If the temps are dipping into the 30s at night, you will want a thick bag … maybe even a mummy sleeping bag to keep you warm. The perfect sleeping bag (and sleeping pad to put under it) are essential for a good night sleep.

3. Fire Starter – What is a camping trip without a camp fire? A camp fire will keep you warm, help cook your food, and creates a great atmosphere. Just make sure that you have permission to build a camp fire… a lot of forests in the backcountry don’t permit open fires. So how do you start a fire? Well, some people use matches … but I prefer a piece of firesteel.

4. Kitchen ware – You will need something to cook your food in right? Don’t bring every pot and pan you own – one small pot and one small skillet should do the trick. I’ll also include a cookstove on this list… you can find some that are very lightweight and it will save you a lot of time when trying to cook breakfast or make some coffee.

5. Knife – Whether it’s a pocket knife or a locking knife with a 3″ blade … you will need a knife on your trip. A knife can help you cut rope, cut food, make a fire and protect you from rapid squirrels.

6. Flashlight– None of us want to think about having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but hey … it happens. Don’t get caught having to stumbled through the woods for the perfect tree. Be sure to pack a flashlight and it will make your life a lot easier around the camp site when the fire goes down. It get’s dark outside the city!

Of course there are a dozen or more items that we could add to the list. If you have something in mind, post a comment and let us know. What are some essential items for a weekend camping trip.

weekend camping trip