Trail Talk: The Fugitive Bear One

Happy Friday everyone! This will be our last blog post before July 4th so I want to also wish you a Happy Independence Day! Check out this awesome picture of an American flag with Mt. Rainer waiving in the background.

July 4th celebration

We have some amazing blog posts, videos and pictures to share with you today on Trail Talk. We have a sick helmet cam video from Copeland Creek, an in depth interview with the Rock Climber Girl, a black bear on the run, a charity hike up Mt. Baldy (donate please!), one of the best camp sites in the country, and an update from TreeFight is part of the Adayak conservation effort, we are donating $1 for every order we get in the month of June and July directly to their cause. So shop today and help save the trees of the Greater Yellowstone Area!

Copeland Creek Helmet CamNate Pfeifer Vimeo Profile
Rock Climber Girl Visits Pump Factory RoadPump Factory Road
The fugitive bear of Red River GorgeThe Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog
Mount Baldy Hike in One WeekModern Hiker
Snow Creek Fishing, Snow Creek Cabin, and One Incredible CampsiteCalipidder Mission #2The Snaz

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! There will be no shipments going out on Monday because the post office is closed. But you can still place your orders 24/7. As always, if you have something you’d like featured on Trail Talk then shoot us an email!

Trail Talk: The Underwater Base Jumping One

Ok, so we took last week off on Trail Talk. I apologize… hopefully today’s will make up for it. I’m not doing the podcast version of today’s Trail Talk either (I know, double whammy) but that’s because we’re going to move our podcast in a new direction. We have all the equipment purchase and the software downloaded, we just have to start story building.

Well, onto today’s Trail Talk. We have a lot of cool posts today… several of them being videos. There’s an awesome climb on the Scotland coast, a podcast about how Freddie Wilkinson became a journalist, an extreme backwoods creeking video from BC, an underwater base jump off the continental shelf, and an update from Jill in Alaska (who is now in Montana).

Hope you enjoy!

Old Man of StoerOutdoor Adventures
The Accidental JournalistThe Dirtbag Diaries
Raffuse Creek ExplorationRoaring Fork Kayakers
Ciaos From ItalySteph Davis: High Place
The Leaving of the LightUp in Alaska

If there’s a blog post you’d like to see featured on Trail Talk, please shoot me an email or post a comment here with your link.

Have a great weekend!

Trail Talk: The Old West One

It’s Friday and time for another edition of Trail Talk – except this time you’ll notice something different. For the first time, we’ve attached a podcast to our Trail Talk blog posts. It only makes sense to actually talk about the blog content given the title of these posts. I ask that you go easy on us as this is our first go at a podcast. Over the next few weeks will work on editing, music, content etc. I’ll also try not to sound so monotone!

We might exploring into new content for podcasts but to kick things off we’re going to stick with Trail Talk and discuss some of the hot outdoor topics from other blogs around the internet. As soon as I can figure out how to get it on iTunes I’ll do that too, but for now you can download the mp3 or listen here:

Download Trail Talk MP3

For those of you just looking for a quick links to a good read I’ll go ahead with the normal Trail Talk process. Today we have an acclimation day on Denali at 17,000 feet, a look back at the American West, tips on how to stay alive in the Grand Canyon, a traveler’s checklist for Yosemite National Park, and an epic mountain biking trip to Mt. Graham.

Acclimation Day on DenaliWild Snow
Bodie State Historic ParkModern Hiker
Grand Canyon Early June UpdateGrand Canyon Hiker’s Blog
Traveler’s Checklist to Yosemite National ParkNational Park Traveler
Around the MountainBikepacking and Endurnace Mountain Biking

If you listened to the podcast, I’d love it if you posted a comment with your critiques – it will only help us get better. And as always, send us your links to awesome outdoor blog posts so we can include them in the next edition of Trail Talk.

Trail Talk: The Insane Kayaking Expedition One

Weekend warriors – gear up. Your two days of freedom to roam are just a few short hours away. We had a short work week here at Adayak due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday so this week just flew by. We’re working very hard to bring you premier organic tees at an affordable cost. We have a couple more tees in the design process right now and should go into production shortly.

In today’s Trail Talk we have day five of a Rio Piaxtla kayaking expedition, an Oregon coastal hike (with pics), a perfect Memorial Day Weekend getaway on the mountain, a video that brings awareness to a dying tree population in Yellowstone, and a podcast about becoming a Yosemite super star.

Rio Piaxtla ExpeditionJefferson State Creeking
Hiking Boardman Park, OregonBest Hike
Cold Fusion and Warm LimestoneStraight Chuter
Support TreeFight.orgTetonAT
Yosemite’s Next Top IdolThe Dirtbag Diaries

Did you come across any great blog posts, videos or podcasts this past week? We’d love to check them out and possibly include them in next week’s Trail Talk. Post a comment or shoot us an email.

Trail Talk: The Kayaking With Alligators One

It’s Friday and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Our offices are closed on Monday, so be sure to get your orders placed by Saturday (5/29) 10:00 AM Eastern to ensure they are shipped out on Saturday. If you don’t make the deadline we will ship your order on Tuesday morning when mail resumes. Don’t forget to check out our four brand new paddling t-shirts … they are hot right now and a great buy for the summer.

Ok, now that all the boring corporate stuff is out of the way let’s get into this week’s edition of Trail Talk. This week we have kayaking with alligators (would you do it?), hiking on the Old Mount Si Trail outside of Seattle, a run-in on the trail with a turkey hunter (scary), a new Dirtbag Diaries podcast on inspiration (climbing and amateur boxing), and rock climbing in the Utah Desert.

Blackwater CreekDave’s Yak Tales
Old Mount Si TrailHiking with my Brother
Mt. Hardy – Or NotGreat Smoky Mountain Girl Scouts
Fear and Spraying in Estes ParkKelly Cordes
Utah DesertWayne Wallace’s Blog

As always, submit us your favorite blog posts of the week and we’ll include them in the next edition of Trail Talk.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone – and get outdoors!

Trail Talk: The Driven One

I’m going to call today’s edition of Trail Talk the first A/V only post we’ve done. All four links below will take you to the best blog posts I’ve seen this week… two of them are videos and two of them are trip reports loaded with stunning photographs. Sometimes I wonder how climbers/hikers can get into position for some of these shots.

Today we have the first episode of Ross Herr’s new kayaking web series titled Driven, an amazing Grand Teton skiing trip report (loads of killer photos), the best Yosemite National Park write I’ve ever read (more killer photos), and the final episode of The Season.

Drive Episode IRoss Herr Kayaking
Mega Grand Teton Ford/Stettner Ski Descent Photo TRTetonAT
Ascending the Steep John Muir TrailGambolin’ Man
The Finale. That’s it. That’s allThe Season TV

I hope you enjoy these blog posts from around the web. If you have a blog post you’d like to see featured on Trail Talk, please send me a note or post a comment here and we’ll take a look at it.

Enjoy your weekend! Oh — and don’t forget to pick up some new organic outdoor t-shirts.

Trail Talk: The Red Wolf One

It’s been a great week here at Adayak and we’re exciting to wrap this one up with another edition of Trail Talk. This week we have some really cool posts to show you. I had a sick video I wanted to include, but am saving it for Monday (you’ll see).

Today we have a nervous run down a 100ft chasm, tough times in Anchorage, footage of newborn red wolf pups (endangered species), photos from Baker Hill in Maine, and some things to do while waiting to climb. Check out the links to all these great posts below:

Erik Boomer Runs Chutes de MagnumRush’s Kayaking Blog
Locking Myself InsideUp In Alaska
Pup-up Video!Wolf Conservation Center
Baker Hill and Tucker MountainHiking in Maine With Kelley
Things To Do While Waiting To ClimbSplitter Choss

As always, if you have a blog post you think deserves to be in Trail Talk, please shoot us an email or leave a comment here and we’ll gladly post it. We’re always looking for unique trip reports, stories, photos and videos from the outdoors.

Have a great weekend!

Trail Talk: The Broken Back One

Trail Talk is my favorite time of the week on the Adayak Blog. We get to spend time on a different kind of adventure. Instead of backpacking through the woods, we’re walking the trails that connect one outdoor blog to another. In this week’s edition of Trail Talk we have a first trip back in the whitewater after a broken back, a successful ascent of Lightning Bolt in Yosemite, the first Everest summits of the 2010 season, awesome pictures of Ben Nevis, and a trip report (with pics) of the Black Mountains in New England.

So grab your reading glasses and pop open an ice cold lemonade… it’s time to explore the blogosphere.

WCKA: Cali LivinTodd Wells Whitewater
Lightning Bolt BoulderingWednesday’s Rock
Everest 2010: First Summits of the SeasonThe Adventure Blog
Ben NevisSummit and Valley
The Black MountainsMountain Wandeing

If you have any cool stories, pictures from your adventures or trip reports please send us a link of post a comment… you never know, you might be featured in next Friday’s Trail Talk.

Trail Talk: The Steph Davis One

I pass through over 100 blogs (probably a lot more) ever week… searching for the best content. I love reading the stories and outdoor adventures from people all over the world – it helps you escape from reality when you’re stuck in an office. Every Friday, we bring you some of our favorite blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc of the week.

In today’s Trail Talk we have the type of woman every adventurer would want, we find out how the Toxaway River got its name, a video of some intense skiing in the French and Swiss Alps, a recap from the Rove Canyon River race, a new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries, and a link to the full length documentary on Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest summit. Enjoy!

Washington AdventuresMy Type of Woman
EGCREEKINThe Way of “Tox”
The Mountain WorldInspiration and Sobering Reality
Roaring Fork KayakersRobe Canyon Downriver Race 2010!
The Dirtbag DiariesScars
Cold SplintersThe Conquest of Everest

Have you seen something awesome on the outdoors blogosphere? Send us the link or post a comment and share. We love reading about new adventures and happenings.

Trail Talk: The Thimble One

Hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking, fishing … it’s all done outdoors, in nature. But that doesn’t mean the participants don’t write a mean blog. In fact, outdoor enthusiasts are some of the best bloggers out there. We have amazing pictures, awesome trip reports and backcountry stories you can’t find anywhere else.

Today is Friday – that means 3 things.
1. The 10% off Earth Day coupon is still going on. Use coupon: EARTH10 at checkout
2. Tomorrow is the weekend and the weather is beautiful
3. Time for another edition of Trail Talk!

I’m very excited for today’s post. I found some great blog posts this week and can’t wait to share them. We have a new list of free camping spots in British Columbia, a glimpse of frazil ice in Yosemite, a trip report on The Thimble, gator spotting at Rock Springs, and a video recap from Limestoner 2010.

Camp for Free in B.C.Tracks and Trails
Frazil Ice on Yosemite Nature NotesModern Hiker
The ThimbleSoCal Hiking
Rock Springs RunDave’s Yak Tales
Limestoner 2010 VideoClimbDFW

Like always, if you’ve come across a kick ass blog post that you think should be featured on Trail Talk please send it to us.