All New Climbing Zine T-Shirts

If you’re a climber then you’ve probably heard of The Climbing Zine. It’s one of the premier publications in the industry.

Adayak has teamed up with Climbing Zine to bring you a set of tees and hoodies. I introduce to you a new design called Dirtbag State of Mind.

This shirt is available in men’s, women’s, long sleeve and in a hooded sweatshirt. Conquer the crag in this awesome Climbing Zine shirt, starting at just $20.

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Help Section Hiker Raise $5k For Charity

Help Philip Werner of Section Hiker raise $5,000 for a Heifer Gift Ark. In May, Philip will be hiking in Scotland in the Great Outdoor Challenge – 200 miles in 15 days. Many hikers use challenges like this to raise money for charity. Philip has been an advocate of Heifer International for many years. You can read more about his challenge and the Heifer Gift Ark on his blog.

So What is a Heifer Gift Ark? This infographic should explain what the ark will provide to people in third world countries. Click to expand.




Adayak is helping Philip reach his goal by donating proceeds from the sale of Section Hiker t-shirts & apparel to his fundraising efforts. Philip is currently at $1,070 and with your help he will reach his $5,000 goal.

If you’ve always wanted to buy a Section Hiker t-shirt but couldn’t quite pull the trigger, now is the time to make that purchase and help support a great cause.

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Just In ! Dawn Patrol T-Shirts

Are you a member of the Dawn Patrol – Alpine Rangers, Cavalry Unit or Aquatic Response Team? This is a new series of designs that we just rolled out, designed by Walker Cahall. Dawn Patrol apparel is for those who sacrifice sleep to be the first ones up the mountain. When everyone else is warm and snug in their beds, the Dawn Patrol are cutting first lines on the slopes and in the rivers. The Dawn Patrol have already biked 25 miles before the first crack of sunlight shines.

We have these designs available in mens & women’s short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. So no matter the weather – we have you covered.

Dawn Patrol Alpine Rangers

Dawn Patrol Aquatic Response Team

Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree – February 2013 Recap

I am very excited to announce that after just a few weeks of running our “Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree” campaign, we helped plant 43 trees in the Brazil Atlantic Forest in the month of February.

Helping restore the Brazil ecosystem is an important task and we’re excited about how our program will help bring back one of the world’s most endangered forests.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we spend a majority of our time outside in nature. With your help, we’re keeping nature the way it was intended and will protect it for future generations.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt in the month of February – these 43 tree have your names on them! Not literally of course 🙂

If you want to help all you have to do is make a purchase on Adayak. It’s that simple.

Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree

It has always been a promise of ours to donate back to environmental and wildlife conservation charities – after all, if we don’t help protect the very nature we recreate in then who will?

We are proud to announce a new program here at Adayak – Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree. It’s really simple – for every t-shirt and hoodie we sell on our store we will donate $1 to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees campaign. Every dollar donated equals one tree planted. Together we can help bring the Brazil Atlantic Forest back from the brink of deforestation. Not only will we restore 1 million acres of dense forest that so many animals call home, but we will help remove 4 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Join us in making a difference.


$10 For A Photo Of You in Adayak Gear

We are looking to build a portfolio of customers wearing tees & hoodies we’ve sold. The end goal is to create some sort of lookbook for potential customers to browse through – kind of like what Threadless does.

So here’s what we are looking for from you – photos … lots of photos! And in exchange we will get you a gift certificate for $10 to Sweet deal, right?!

Please email us a photo of you wearing a product from our site (any shirt or hoodie will do). It can be something creative or as simple as you sitting on the couch. Anything will do really, as long as the product is visible.

– Please email your photo (as high res as you have it) to
– By emailing your photo you agree to let us use it on, this blog, and any social media site.
– We will not use your name/email in any photo postings.
– We will not sell your photo to anyone.
– Send as many photos as you’d like, but we will only give one $10 gift card per person.

I know this is a little informal, but it’s at least a start. I hope to have a more formal / automated process up some time this year.

New Look, Same Great Products

If you haven’t seen our storefront yet then you haven’t seen all our hard work on display. I mentioned a few weeks ago that there are a lot of projects in the work for 2013 and redesigning the shop was one of them. I hoped to have everything completed by February 1 – but it doesn’t look like we’ll be at 100% by then. There are still a couple of added features / bug fixes we’re working on.

The most notable bug we’re working on right now is credit card processing (I know, right). Of all the things to not work right out of the box this had to be it. Basically just making sure everything is 100% secure and PCI-Compliant before we flip the credit card option back on. Might be another day or two.

You can still place orders right now using Google Checkout or Paypal (you can pay using a credit card on Paypal FYI).

Some of the things we’re working on:

– Rotating storefront images – Featured categories on the storefront – Updated featured categories on all the main category pages – Better top navigation (this will be totally reworked) – Better newsletter integration

We also have a huge SURPRISE for all our loyal customers that we’ll be rolling out once all these little tasks are complete. So be sure to stay tuned to that. Follow us here on the blog or on Facebook/Twitter for all the latest.

What to do if your site goes down?

This post was originally supposed to be a quick video post of the new Forge Motion Pictures whitewater film Cascada. However, Vimeo has been down all day and I haven’t been able to access the site for a share link to post. Bummer.

Our site has never experienced any significant downtime, though we were seeing server slowness a few months back. But with all the Vimeo troubles today it got me thinking -what would I do if my site crashed?

Vimeo is doing one thing right – they’re staying in contact with their customers. Check out their @VimeoStaff twitter feed to find out what I mean. They’re responding to as many individual followers as they can. They’re providing constant updates on where the tech team is at in fixing this thing. It’s very important to be open with communication and not ignore people.

When Twitter goes down they put up the (now famous) fail whale page. The fail whale makes light of the situation. I don’t know all the tech behind it, but if your main site goes down I think a great option would be to place a temporary notification up so fans/customers know what’s going on.

Gawker Media (Deadspin, Lifehacker, etc) went down a few months ago and they redirected all their traffic to a subdomain of their main blogs. They continued to post new content as they would have while the tech team figured out the fix.

When we roll out our site upgrade in ~ 2 weeks there could be some downtime. I’m not anticipating it, but you never know. Something could go wrong. If we’re down I promise to remain in contact with you through Facebook/Twitter and this blog so you know what’s going on with your accounts and orders.

Big Changes Coming Soon

In this case, change is a good thing. Adayak is almost 3 years old and not much has changed on the store or here in the blog. We’ve added dozens of new products over the years and brought on several new partners, but as far as the look / function of the store it’s been pretty flat. It’s worked for us and served its purpose, but it’s time for a face lift.

Right now we’re undergoing a 2-3 week long upgrade process that will bring a new design to the store (nothing major, but more of a modern feel) and dozens of new features. Some will help with site navigation and some will help make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

This blog will also be changing – we’re going to give it more of a microblogging feel with a personal touch. Occasionally we’ll throw in a longer / featured story.

Product changes

We are also contemplating a change in the material / style of the shirts we sell. Right now, the majority of our tees are made of 5oz organic cotton. They’re comfortable, but not sure it’s the best fit for our demo. We’re currently looking at a lighter weight 4.3oz or 4.5oz shirt that has a more fit feel and not boxy. I’ve heard some feedback, particularly with the women’s tees we sell, that they are too boxy. If you have any thoughts on this subject please weigh in.

If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, stay tuned for a survey. Want to get a lay of the land before we make any drastic changes.