It’s Officially Spring

It is officially spring – but don’t hang up your ice axe just yet. March 21st marks the first day of spring on our calendars, but around here you would hardly notice. I associate spring time with blooming flowers, green grass, melting snow and warm weather. However, here in Michigan we aren’t experiencing any of those yet and I’m sure those of you further up north and out west aren’t either.

Just because the calendar hits March 21 doesn’t mean we have to abandon our love for outdoor winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and ice climbing. You will definitely have to be more careful as you enter warmer days and the snow begins to loosen up, but there is still plenty of time to have fun and enjoy the cold outdoors. I’m seeing ski resorts out west running at 100% and some mountains on the east coast extending their operating days to accommodate everyone.

If you love outdoor winter sports, definitely take advantage of these last few days. Don’t let anyone scare you off about it being spring already. Spring just means cheaper deals and less people on the slopes! While at it, check out Adayak’s snow sports t-shirts.



Outdoor Enthusiast’s Heaven – Smoky Mountains National Park

smoky-mountainsThe Smoky Mountains offers an incredible range of diverse activities for visitors to take advantage of. Hiking, cycling, fishing, and the exploration of wildlife and historical sites are available for all people; whether you are brand-new to the tangled wildlife of a national park or an expert, there are opportunities for everyone. Shorter trails are available for those who are more inexperienced, and there are even specially designated child-friendly trails are offered.

A basic understanding of what to do in a dangerous situation involving black bears should be maintained before a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Black bears are often unpredictable and violent animals, and one should not approach them or allow them to approach. In order to not encourage problems between humans and bears, do not throw away food into the wilderness, and certainly do not offer food to the bears.

However, black bears and other forms of wildlife is always a pleasure to view from a distance with a camera or telescope, and should definitely be done. Just remember that safety is first!

Mammoth, It’s a Cave!

mammoth-caveMammoth Cave is quite literally mammoth. It is the longest cave system in the world, and its lengthy 390 miles are located in central and south Kentucky, and it is known as a part of the Green River Valley. However, that number is bound to change in the near future as researchers continue to discover new branches of caves.

Mammoth Cave is home to some bizarre yet fascinating rock formations. Take a trip to the Frozen Niagara entrance and take pictures of the most photographed part of the cave system. Take a cave tour and explore the Rotunda and the Snowball rooms, or squeeze through passages such as Fat Man’s Misery and Tall Man’s Misery. Even visit the Lost River Cave, a section of Mammoth Cave through which you will experience an underground lake tour, ducking under the low ceiling.

For overnight stays, try camping on one of the various campgrounds located in the park. There are many modernized ones while more experienced campers can take the opportunity in the primitive campgrounds.

Splitter Choss Apparel Launch

Adayak is proud to announce the launch of a new partner – Splitter Choss.

Splitter Choss is one of the top climbing blogs out there. Based in Colorado, BJ Sbarra does an excellent job bringing up everything in the world of climbing.

Check out the great selection we have – including tees for men & women, plus hooded sweatshirts for the winter.

Adayak Review From Rugged Innovations

Our friend Ariel Castro over at Rugged Innovations was kind enough to review one of our rock climbing shirts. Ariel took the tee on a trip to Donner Pass in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. It withstood the rugged nature of his climb and provided comfort along the way.

Check out his full review over at Rugged Innovations.


If you run a blog and have purchased any of our items before – we would love to see a product review! Shoot us an email once it’s live and we’ll help spread the word.

All New Cragmama Tees & More

Adayak is proud to announce the launch of our newest partnership – Cragmama. Cragmama is an excellent blog in the climbing community and focuses on a mom’s journey of raising her “cragbaby” to experience and have a love for the outdoors at an early age. Cragmama is run by Erica Lineberry, who is also a contributing author for The Climbing Zine.

We came up with a couple of really cool options for all the CragMamas, CragDads and Cragkids out there. Shop now – shirts range from $12-$20

Hats and Tank Tops

We’ve been looking at ways to grow the brand and offer a larger selection for the partners we work with – two things that keep coming up are hats and tank tops. Living in Florida, I definitely see a need for both. But do the folks up in Portland or Missoula? Adayak started out as a small shop offering just 9 tees and now we have hundreds of items across a dozen categories. We want to continue to grow and bring the customers what they want.

We would love to hear from you about additional items you feel we should carry. If it’s hats or tank tops then let me know which you would prefer to have available first? Tank tops for women are definitely high on our list … but something high on our list may not always be what the customers want.

Post a comment on this post or send an email to service @ adayak .com

Just In – WeighMyRack T-Shirts

Adayak is proud to announce a new partnership with – a complete resource / shop for all your climbing gear needs. With this partnership, we are now offering on our shop a really cool shirt with a design on it that reads “Grab Your Nuts & Go.”

Both men’s and women’s style shirts are just $20 and available in sizes Small – 2X.

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