July 4 Celebration

Tomorrow is the 4th of July – America’s Independence Day. It’s a day to remember all of those who sacrificed everything to found this great nation. Most Americans do that with BBQs and fireworks. But you’re not like most Americans. You honor America’s birthday by spending quality time with her, in nature.

With the 4th landing on a Thursday, there’s no doubt a lot of you will be taking an extra long weekend to spend with friends and family in the outdoors. Going on a camping trip? Canoeing down the river? Climbing that peak you’ve always wanted to bag?

We would love to hear how you’re spending this holiday weekend. Post your adventure in the comment section and we’ll give you a code for 50% off anything in our shop. Be sure to leave your email in the the comment form. And you must post your adventure by July 7.

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