$10 For A Photo Of You in Adayak Gear

We are looking to build a portfolio of customers wearing tees & hoodies we’ve sold. The end goal is to create some sort of lookbook for potential customers to browse through – kind of like what Threadless does.

So here’s what we are looking for from you – photos … lots of photos! And in exchange we will get you a gift certificate for $10 to Adayak.com. Sweet deal, right?!

Please email us a photo of you wearing a product from our site (any shirt or hoodie will do). It can be something creative or as simple as you sitting on the couch. Anything will do really, as long as the product is visible.

– Please email your photo (as high res as you have it) to service@adayak.com
– By emailing your photo you agree to let us use it on Adayak.com, this blog, and any social media site.
– We will not use your name/email in any photo postings.
– We will not sell your photo to anyone.
– Send as many photos as you’d like, but we will only give one $10 gift card per person.

I know this is a little informal, but it’s at least a start. I hope to have a more formal / automated process up some time this year.

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