New Look, Same Great Products

If you haven’t seen our storefront yet then you haven’t seen all our hard work on display. I mentioned a few weeks ago that there are a lot of projects in the work for 2013 and redesigning the shop was one of them. I hoped to have everything completed by February 1 – but it doesn’t look like we’ll be at 100% by then. There are still a couple of added features / bug fixes we’re working on.

The most notable bug we’re working on right now is credit card processing (I know, right). Of all the things to not work right out of the box this had to be it. Basically just making sure everything is 100% secure and PCI-Compliant before we flip the credit card option back on. Might be another day or two.

You can still place orders right now using Google Checkout or Paypal (you can pay using a credit card on Paypal FYI).

Some of the things we’re working on:

– Rotating storefront images – Featured categories on the storefront – Updated featured categories on all the main category pages – Better top navigation (this will be totally reworked) – Better newsletter integration

We also have a huge SURPRISE for all our loyal customers that we’ll be rolling out once all these little tasks are complete. So be sure to stay tuned to that. Follow us here on the blog or on Facebook/Twitter for all the latest.

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