What to do if your site goes down?

This post was originally supposed to be a quick video post of the new Forge Motion Pictures whitewater film Cascada. However, Vimeo has been down all day and I haven’t been able to access the site for a share link to post. Bummer.

Our site has never experienced any significant downtime, though we were seeing server slowness a few months back. But with all the Vimeo troubles today it got me thinking -what would I do if my site crashed?

Vimeo is doing one thing right – they’re staying in contact with their customers. Check out their @VimeoStaff twitter feed to find out what I mean. They’re responding to as many individual followers as they can. They’re providing constant updates on where the tech team is at in fixing this thing. It’s very important to be open with communication and not ignore people.

When Twitter goes down they put up the (now famous) fail whale page. The fail whale makes light of the situation. I don’t know all the tech behind it, but if your main site goes down I think a great option would be to place a temporary notification up so fans/customers know what’s going on.

Gawker Media (Deadspin, Lifehacker, etc) went down a few months ago and they redirected all their traffic to a subdomain of their main blogs. They continued to post new content as they would have while the tech team figured out the fix.

When we roll out our site upgrade in ~ 2 weeks there could be some downtime. I’m not anticipating it, but you never know. Something could go wrong. If we’re down I promise to remain in contact with you through Facebook/Twitter and this blog so you know what’s going on with your accounts and orders.

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