Big Changes Coming Soon

In this case, change is a good thing. Adayak is almost 3 years old and not much has changed on the store or here in the blog. We’ve added dozens of new products over the years and brought on several new partners, but as far as the look / function of the store it’s been pretty flat. It’s worked for us and served its purpose, but it’s time for a face lift.

Right now we’re undergoing a 2-3 week long upgrade process that will bring a new design to the store (nothing major, but more of a modern feel) and dozens of new features. Some will help with site navigation and some will help make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

This blog will also be changing – we’re going to give it more of a microblogging feel with a personal touch. Occasionally we’ll throw in a longer / featured story.

Product changes

We are also contemplating a change in the material / style of the shirts we sell. Right now, the majority of our tees are made of 5oz organic cotton. They’re comfortable, but not sure it’s the best fit for our demo. We’re currently looking at a lighter weight 4.3oz or 4.5oz shirt that has a more fit feel and not boxy. I’ve heard some feedback, particularly with the women’s tees we sell, that they are too boxy. If you have any thoughts on this subject please weigh in.

If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, stay tuned for a survey. Want to get a lay of the land before we make any drastic changes.

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