New Launch: Alpine Hammock T-Shirts & More

Adayak is proud to announce a new partnership with Alpine Hammock to sell logo t-shirts & more. If you’re not already familiar with Alpine Hammock now, then I promise you know will the name very soon. They recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign generated over $40,000 in just 30 days. The Alpine Hammock is a fast and light, weatherproof, one-man shelter that can be used in any alpine environment.

If you spend time above the treeline you’ll definitely want one of these hammocks. And what goes perfect with a new hammock? How about an organic cotton Alpine Hammock t-shirt — or for those of you who prefer moisture-wicking material we have one of those available as well.

Click here to shop all Alpine Hammock T-Shirts

Organic Cotton T-Shirt – $17

Moisture Wicking T-Shirt – $19

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