The Best Yosemite Bouldering Video?

Park Life – Yosemite Bouldering is a film about 9 climbers who spend 2 weeks in the Holy Land for climbers, that is Yosemite Valley. This one might be one of the best – from the cinematography to the story telling, it’s extremely well done.

With Park Life, we strive to answer this age-old, omnipresent question: Why? By combining difficult climbing, captivating visuals, and engaging music under the all-encompassing umbrella of a professional production company, we hope to portray a unique lifestyle that has given us all a palpable sense of unwavering purpose. The long-lasting friendships, incessant failure and equally abundant success, reckless commitment and dedication driven to the point of complete and utter irresponsibility; it’s an eternal battle. We do it because we love it.

Best of all, if you enjoyed this film – it’s a free download at Save it to you’re iPad or Android phone for that long trip on a plane or when you’re bored in class. FYI – It’s about 775 mb.

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