Community Trailer

Saw this gem over at YoBeat. Fall 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

Dear snow enthusiastic world,

As a snowboarder, I tend to recognize only two times of year, winter and everything else. It was during this non-winter part of the year that I found myself sitting on a stoop in Wallingford watching the same people walk by day after day. And it was here that I observed that no one was saying hello. No one was even making eye contact. This seemed all too unnatural and stuck with me.

Fast forward to the beginning of winter, and I find myself in the mountains surrounded with familiar company and friends. Everyone says hello and no one is afraid to strike up a conversation. These observations are shared, and a new understanding of why we are all here begins to take shape.
Inspired, me and my friends (aka Hot Lava) have set out to capture that which brings everyone together here at Stevens Pass. Above is a short teaser for the film we are making. It won’t be about the newest trick or biggest air, but it will have a heart, and we hope you will join us on this adventure.

Welcome to the COMMUNITY.

Cory Rain

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