New International Shipping Policy

Good news for those of you outside of the country. We are adjusting out international shipping policy – for the better! Shipping to Canada is now only $6.99 and shipping to all over international countries is only $9.99. Those are flat rate prices so it will never increase no matter how much you buy.

Adayak ships to over 120 countries worldwide. Our goal is to offer the best shipping policy for all our customers. We say that shipments to Canada will arrive in 1-2 weeks and other countries 2-5 weeks. However, in our experience those are grossly overstated. We shipped a package to Ireland and it arrived in just 5 business days. We say 2-5 weeks, because there may be someone who buys a shirt in the middle of Africa so it will take longer, but if you live in a major metropolitan area overseas you will receive your package must faster.

If you want additional information on our shipping policy, please visit the Shipping Information page. 

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