The Season 2 – Episode 1

Fitz Cahall – of the Dirtbag Diaries – and extraordinary filmmaker Bryan Smith just rolled out the first episode of The Season 2 on their Vimeo page. We posted a trailer for The Season 2 back in the middle of August. I’ve been pumped for this series to come out ever since last year’s version ended.

Here’s a description of the video from their Vimeo page – I’m sure it will do more justice than my words:

This year we picked five new athletes each with their own unique storyline. An amputee climber sets his sights on becoming whole again by returning to Yosemite to realize a lifelong dream. A conservationist and angler searches for a fabled ghost run of wild steelhead on one of California’s most troubled rivers. One of the world’s best boulderers struggles to balance her career as a boulderer with raising her daughter. From a burned forest, a vision of an incredible mountain bike trail emerges from the ashes into reality. In the wake of achieving an unthinkable goal, a ski mountaineer returns to the peak where he first met failure.

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