Chasing Water With Pete McBride

Just caught a glimpse of an upcoming film being released in 2011 called Chasing Water. It tells the story of Pete McBride, a photographer who has spent his live telling over people’s stories through his work. Now it’s his turn. The trailer below has a narrative at the end and I only hope that the feature film keeps the same flow to it.

The narrative by Pete McBride sounds exactly like Jon Dunbar in Dances With Wolves… and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the official description from Vimeo.

Pete McBride grew up on on a ranch in Western Colorado, a child of the Colorado River. After a life spent visiting other countries to tell stories as a National geographic photojournalist, in 2008 Pete decided to follow the water from his families ranch, to see where it ended up.

What he found was not only a story of the Colorado River, but a story of a man and his sense of place in the world.

This is CHASING WATER, the story of Pete’s journey, and a story about the lifeblood of the American West.

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