Fringe Elements Video Series

Looking for some new adventure videos to get your hands on? Of course you are. Fitz Cahall (the brains behind the Dirtbag Diaries) and Bryan Smith recently launched a new video series on National Geographic called Fringe Elements.

If you were a fan of The Season or Tracing The Edge, then you will recognize the athletes portrayed in this new video series. We get 4 minutes with Matt Maddaloni, Jonaven Moore, Krissy Moehl, Paul Kuthe and Colin Haley. The video searies looks like it has a lot of similar footage from the previous video series with each athlete, but it tells a different story from what we’ve heard before.

National Geographic doesn’t let you embed their videos, so you will need to go there to watch each episode. They are live now – so what are you waiting for?

Watch Now

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