Adayak Promises: Rewards

Nearly all retailers (both brick & mortar and online shops) are offering rewards programs today. Brick & mortar shops always give you those plastic rewards cards or maybe you’ll get a punch card at your local sandwich shop giving you a free sub after 5 purchases. Rewards programs are a great way to keep customers shopping at your store.

At Adayak, we’re working to install a traditional Rewards Points program that will give you points redeemable for free merchandise. We’re shooting for a Fall 2011 launch for this program. In the mean time, you can enjoy rewards through means other than just shopping.

9. Rewards
We believe all our customers should be rewarded. There are two ways to earn store credit towards a future purchase. One, submit a picture of yourself wearing apparel. Two, submit a trip report or essay from an outdoor experience you’ve had. Please contact us for details.

Have you purchased a t-shirt from us in the past? Send us a photo of you in the shirt and we’ll send you $2 in store credit towards your next purchase. The other way is to send us a trip report/story/essay about an outdoor experience you’ve had. We’ll post it right here on the blog for everyone to read. This will also earn you $2 in store credit.

If you have something to share, please Contact Us.

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