Adayak Promises: Exceptional Customer Service

Every business owner, every keynote speaker, and every “guru” who writes a book about business will preach the importance of great customer service. But how many companies follow through with that promise? Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. You need to go beyond just satisfying a customer’s request.

At Adayak, we’ll go above and beyond what is asked to make sure our customers have a great experience.

8. Exceptional Customer Service
We will go above and beyond what is asked to make sure you have a great experience. Our customer service agents are in-house, highly trained and dedicated to helping your every need. We are available via E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter or phone – call 904-410-9618.

Exceptional customer service ties into several other Adayak promises, including our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. When you offer a strong guarantee and return policy, it makes the customer service agents job very easy – it is rare to come across an opportunity to say no. We have had some unusual requests over the last year. In fact, it’s usually the unique/unusual requests that challenge and excite us as a company.

We want to be there for you with your customer service needs, whether it’s a question about sizing, returns, order status, international shipping, etc. I encourage you to contact us with anything you need.

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