Are You In Favor of More National Parks?

bison Yellowston

There’s an interesting poll on Adventure-Jounral right now: Does America Need New National Parks? At first thought you’re probably like – HELL YEAH. The more parks the better, right?

Well, when you think about how current National Parks are severely underfunded, adding more parks to the system would only spread funds out even more. Americans are blessed to have one of the best National Park Services in the world and some of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

From the Adventure Journal:

Two weeks ago, President Obama unveiled the details of his America’s Great Outdoors initiative, and while the response was generally tepid thanks to that fact that it’s mostly a repackaging of existing programs, there was moderate enthusiasm for its call to double spending on the conservation of land and water, to $900 million.

The Obama administration has also studied adding up to 14 national monuments, and bills have been introduced in Congress to create national parks in Colorado, New York, and Maryland.

But some are questioning both the need and appropriateness of adding new parcels to the federal lands system while the economy continues to limp. And there’s also perhaps the bigger issue of the chronic underfunding of existing parklands.

Their poll is currently at 53% in favor of adding new parks and 47% in favor of taking care of the ones we have first.

What do you think? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

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