Adayak Promise: Secure Shopping

It’s that time again – time for us to go over the next promise on our list of 10 promises we will deliver to our customers. if you’ve been keeping track, then you know we’re halfway through the list.

5. Secure Shopping
Shoppers can feel safe purchasing from Adayak. We use a 128-bit SSL certificate that encrypts your orders and we will never share or sell your information with anyone.

One of the biggest reasons shoppers abandon an online store or shopping cart is because they don’t fell their information will be safe & secure. With Adayak, we put all those concerns to rest with a trusted SSL Certificate powered by GoDaddy – one of the web’s largest SSL Certificate providers.

The average online shopper may not know when their information is secure and when it’s not. The easiest way to tell is when you go through checkout, make sure the URL goes from http:// to https://. When you see the “https://” then you know your credit card number and personal information is encrypted during the transaction.

Another way to tell is if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, then you’ll notice that little “secure lock” logo in the bottom right corner of your screen. When you see this lock you know your information is secure.

When you shop with Adayak, your information is guaranteed to be secure during checkout. We proudly display the GoDaddy secure icon in the footer of our store.

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