Wonderland Trail Video

Today I wanted to highlight a glimpse of one of America’s best hiking trails. The Wonderland Trail is an approximately 93 mile hiking trail that circumnavigates Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park. There is a cumulative 22,000 feet of elevation gain over the entire hike – which means you need to be in shape to complete this hike. It takes anywhere from 10-14 days to complete the loop.

The main hiking season is late summer, which is often dry and sunny. This video below was shot in September 2010, so you’ll get an idea of the conditions in late Summer. Probably could have done without the Andrea Bocelli in the background (it’s a little much), but overall – a pretty cool video of the Wonderland Trail.

I hiked just a section of the Wonderland Trail on my trip to Mt. Rainer about 10 years ago. Someday I’ll get back out there and finish it. What about you? Have you ever hiked the Wonderland Trail? Share your thoughts via comment.

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