Affiliate Program Delay

It pains me to write this – we’ve been talking about an affiliate program for almost a year now – but we’ve decided to delay the launch of an affiliate program a little bit longer. It’s not shelved completely, but we will not be focusing on it again until May/June.

We’ve decided to shift our focus, time, dollars etc to product development. Launching and managing an affiliate program is not cheap. And while there are a lot of benefits for the company (and affiliates) to having a program, we feel our customers are better served by expanding our product offering. Then, once we have a larger catalog of organic outdoor apparel we will being work on the affiliate program so those of you with outdoor niche websites/blogs can earn money by selling Adayak merchandise.

With our focuses shifted back to products, we plan to continue work on bringing you 2-3 new t-shirt designs every month and plan to expand our departments to long-sleeve tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, decals and more extras.

We want 2011 to be a big year for Adayak – a year of growth in both our product catalog and the quality of our apparel. We appreciate your support.

I invited you to sign up for the Adayak newsletter – this way we can stay in touch and keep you updated on what’s happening with the company. Things like adding an affiliate program or when we have new product launches. See that big “SIGN UP” box on the right sidebar? Just fill that out and you’re golden.

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