Adayak Promise: Conservation

Today we continue our series in reviewing the 10 Adayak Promises. In case you’re a bit behind, I invite you to go back and check out what we have discussed in previous weeks:

1. Great Selection
2. Eco-friendly Apparel

And now…

3. We Give Back
Adayak donates $1 for every order directly to wildlife and environmental conservation.

We are dedicated to helping preserve the very same environment so many of us practice our sports in. What would a river be to a kayaker if it was polluted? What would your local ski mountain be if it were bulldozed for coal exploration? Who will help protect the gray wolves of Alaska from endangerment if we don’t? 

Donation dollars have supported, but are not limited to, the Access Fund, Tree Life and Conservation Northwest.

Read more about the Adayak conservation efforts and join us in making a difference with every purchase you make.

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