Adayak Promise: Organic and Eco-friendly Apparel

Last week, we talked about our great selection and how we are constantly trying to bring you new products. As part of our series on reviewing the 10 Adayak Promises, we continue today with our next promise to you.

2. Organic and Eco-Friendly Apparel

Currently, Adayak only offers 100% organic cotton t-shirts for sale. We are committed to providing you with organic clothing options – something that isn’t always easy to find locally… at least at an affordable price. 

Organic cotton has many benefits over traditional cotton. Not only is it extremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable, but it is grown to a higher standard than convention cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and other chemicals. It’s better for the earth, better for your skin, and better for the farmers – who don’t have to pick cotton that is contaminated with chemicals.

As we expand our product line we will continue to sell on organic and eco-friendly products.

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