Yellowstone’s Red Fox With a Black Coat

In Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley (famous for their wolf pack), a red fox was recently spotted with an unusual black fur coat. Red foxes aren’t always red. They can also experience varied color phases of silver, gray, yellow — but rarely have we seen black. In my opinion, this is the coolest looking fox I’ve ever seen.

red fox with black coat
Red fox with a rare black coat hunting in Lamar Valley (Photo by Pauline Murrill)

4 thoughts on “Yellowstone’s Red Fox With a Black Coat

  1. We were just in Yellowstone about 2 weeks ago. We had been in Lamar Valley and had just driven back to Tower jct and were headed for Manmoth Hot Springs and saw a fox that had just caught a small animal and was headed back down the road. The strange part was that it was extremely thin and look to have dark colored rings on the tail. Any ideas what it might have been?

  2. We were in the Tetons, descending from the paintbrush canyon trail to the lake, when a fox that looked just like this appeared right in front of us on the trail. He saw us and calmly peed on the trail right in front of us. Guess he was making his territory. His coat was black with a few spots of gold, just like the photo you have there! srWhat a special thing to see!

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