Dirtbag Diaries 2011 Year of Big Ideas

A new episode of The Dirtbag Diaries came out yesterday called “Buckle Down” … it’s the annual Year of Big Ideas episode.

The podcast starts out with a visit from James Q. Martin – the man behind Rios Libres and the film ‘Power in the Pristine.’ James is on a mission to save Patagonia’s Pascua River from a dam project that threatens one of the last remaining true wildernesses on the planet.

After 13 or so minutes with James, Fitz Cahall jumps into the big ideas. We hear about trail building, garden growing, a 40 kilometer trail run, a organic snack food company, following gray wolves through Idaho, and reviving the quietness.

It was a fun episode that gets your thinking about your goals and your big ideas for 2011. Ours is to continue expanding our product line, improve sustainability, donate more to conservation efforts and to take more adventure vacations.

Speaking of expanding the product line … have you seen our new Dirtbag Diaries inspired t-shirts designed by Walker Cahall?

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