Top Adventures to Take Before You Die

free climb el Capitan

In the movie Braveheart, Princess Isabelle said “Death comes to us all.” None of us can avoid death … So why not make the best of the time that we have here on Earth? National Geographic Magazine posted an article of the most extreme adventures to put on your bucket list. The key to their bucket list is to make sure you complete the items alive! Some of them are not for the weak.

Their bucket list includes summiting Everest, surfing in the North Pole, free climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan and exploring Patagonia. Sounds like one hell of a bucket list.

Click here for the full list of National Geographic’s most extreme adventures for you bucket list.

Do you have a bucket list? Are there any extreme adventures you plan to take before you kick the bucket? Post a comment and share them with us.

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