Suing Ski Areas

The Canyons trail map

Skiing and snowboarding are dangerous sports. Risks are involved the moment to strap on your boots and head up the chairlift. It’s something you just kind of know — like the risks involved with driving a car. Accidents happen from time to time on the slopes and people are killed. It’s horrible.

Sometimes it’s just an accident, while other times there might be someone to blame for the death. Surviving members of two men who were killed while skiing are suing the Ski Resorts for negligence. Both cases were initially rejected by federal court judges, but they are looking to be refiled in state courts.

From Adventure Journal:

Both incidents are tragic. In December 2007, Jason Coles missed a turn on an intermediate run at The Canyons ski resort in Utah, hit a tree, and was killed. One year later, at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, David Nodine was caught in an in-bounds avalanche, buried and died. Now, in both cases, their survivors are suing the ski resorts and claiming negligence.

Stay safe on the slopes!

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