Top iPad Apps For The Outdoors

iPads are one of the hot Christmas item this year. Now, I know what you’re thinking … “what does an iPad have to do with the outdoors?” Well, there are hundreds of applications you can download to your iPad that can help you book your adventures, search for new trails, add excitement to the down time, or find lost treasure. With the advancements in iPad carrying cases, you can bring one along in your pack without adding too much weight. I probably wouldn’t take it on a thru-hike though … the batteries don’t last that long!

Let’s take a look at five cool iPad apps that are perfect for anyone who spends time in the outdoors.

1. Weather Channel
The official iPad app of — great app for viewing the local forecast and projected 10 day forecast. It has video feeds from the Weather Channel and a beautiful radar map so you always know when rain is on the way. This is a must have app when planning your outdoor adventures — we all know how important the weather is to what we’re planning.

2. Trails
The Trails iPad app allows you to track your hike using GPS coordinates. You can then export your exact hike to the internet or other devices. Trails also supports gps imports so you can take a mapped trail someone else did and import it to your iPad.

3. Google Earth
Just a beautiful app that I’m sure you’re already familiar with. Allows you to view the entire world right on your iPad. Zoom in on specific addresses and locations. A great app to have if you ever get lost 🙂

4. Flashlight
Can’t find your way around the camp site at night? The Flashlight app is a great app to have when the fire burns out. It basically just turns your iPad screen into a blank (and very bright) white screen … providing enough light for you to find your way around.

5. Geocaching
I love geocaching (though I’m not very good at it). This is the official app of – perfect for someone looking to add a little adventure to their time in the outdoors. Think of it like a treasure hunt, only you don’t get to keep what you find.

Are there any iPad apps that you use to help with hiking, camping, climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, etc? Whether it’s making travel plans or plotting your next hike — we’d love to hear about it.

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