Appalachian Trail Logo T-shirt For Sale

The Appalachian Trail is probably the most popular trail in the world. It stretches 2,000+ miles from Georgia to Maine and is traveled by thousands of section and thru-hikers each year. There’s something majestic about the AT that draws people in – people who are looking to prove something, people who are searching for a deeper meaning to life or just people looking for a great weekend hike.

We’ve just launched a new Appalachian Trail T-Shirt featuring a simple, classic AT logo on the front. It’s a subtle logo measuring just 5.75″ tall x 5.25″ wide … it lets people wear a shirt for their favorite trail without being overly dramatic and colorful. The shirt is priced at $16.95 – which we think is a great deal for an organic cotton shirt.

Order today and get 3-Day shipping for only $3.99.

Appalachian Trail shirt at Adayak

AT Miles t-shirt

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