Scared of Heights, But Want To Climb?

Are you scared of heights, but want to try rock climbing? Tackling a fear is all about mind over matter and desensitizing yourself to the fear. It can take a long time to be 100% rid of your fear of heights, but basically you need to start by thinking positive. Flood your mind with positive thoughts about what you’re doing – this is a strong rock, my footing is solid, I’m prepared for this, you’re doing well, etc. Don’t tell yourself “OMG this rock is going to crack!”

Once you have positive thinking down, it’s time to desensitize yourself to heights. Practice going just a little bit higher every time you’re out. Go slow and don’t try to rush anything. Just take one step upward each day and eventually you’ll reach the top.

Of course, if you want to be a climber and can’t rid yourself of a fear of heights, why not try bouldering? There are boulders for all different climbing skill levels and you can hang just a few feet off the ground.

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