Three New Shirts at Adayak

We just got in a shipment of three new t-shirts. Like all our shirts, these are made from lightweight 100% organic cotton, giving it an extremely comfortable feel. Adayak offers 3-Day $3.99 Shipping for all domestic orders… and for those of you out of the country, we have great international shipping options.

Women’s Rock Climbing T-Shirt – This shirt features a full color design of a climber ascending a rocky cliff. This shirt is available in white and is sized and cut for women.

rock climbing t-shirt for ladies

Quickdraw Carabiner T-shirt – I liked this shirt because it is a simple, one-color design of a carabiner. Carabiners can save your life so why not show a little love in return by wearing this tee. It is available in navy blue, chocolate and light blue.

rock climbing shirts for men

Backcountry Camping T-shirt – A two color design that features an isolated tent by a stream in the backcountry. It’s a reminder of why we enjoy heading into the outdoors. This shirt is available in chocolate and navy blue.

camping t-shirt at Adayak

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