Hiker Goes Missing Near Hoover Dam

A 16 year old from Henderson, NV (just outside of Las Vegas) went missing this weekend while hiking near the Colorado River towards the Hoover Dam. “He is believed to have been hiking somewhere in the area between Gold Strike Canyon and White Rock Canyon… east of Boulder City and south of Hoover Dam,” NPS spokesman Andrew Munoz said.

Shane McNeil sent a text message to his mom around 7:00 PM, just 30 minutes before his scheduled pickup at the Hoover Dam Visitors Center. Once 10:00 rolled by, he was reported missing.

I fear the worse for Shane McNiel, but hope that he is found alive and well. If he was able to send a text message at 7:00PM and was close to his pickup spot, then he likely could have called for help if he was in a bad situation. It’s also unlikely he could have got lost. Shane said he could see the Colorado River in his last text message – so he should know to just follow the river to reach the Hoover Dam.

It’s unclear what could have happened… fall off a cliff into the water? Maybe. Snake bite? Maybe. Followed the Colorado River the wrong way? Maybe. Let’s all hope SAR can get out there and locate this kid.

Anyone with information should contact the National Park Service at (702) 293-8998 or (800) 680-5851.

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