Going The Extra Mile

How far do you live from the closest mountain? The nearest river? The best trail? If you love the outdoors, odds are you’re within reasonable driving distance to destination you can practice your sport in. But what if you’re not that close? What if you live in Miami and love to ski but can’t afford plane tickets? How far are you willing to travel to pursue your passion?

If you live in San Francisco would you drive 4 hours to Lake Tahoe for a weekend ski trip? If you live in Orlando would you drive 8 hours to the Smoky Mountains for a camping trip? Would you travel from Portland to B.C. just to kayak for an afternoon?

Something that makes hikers, climbers, kayakers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts unique from other athletes is that we have the passion to go the extra mile — literally. Sometimes we go the extra 200 miles … just to satisfy the craving.

We want to know how far you’re willing to travel for your passion? Post a comment and share a story.

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