Is Bigfoot Real?

Is Bigfoot real

Is existence of Bigfoot is one of the last remaining mysteries in the world. For hundreds of years, there have been reports of Bigfoot all across the country. He looks in house windows, bangs on trees, throw’s rocks at people or just strolls through the woods. But with all the sightings, we have yet to capture a Bigfoot dead or alive. All we ever get are grainy pictures or shaky cell phone camera quality video. One of the first video captures of Bigfoot – allegedly – came from the Patterson-Gimlin film back in 1967.

Since the famous Patterson video, hundreds (if not thousands) of people have ventured deep into the forest in search of Bigfoot. There have been countless documentaries and Monster Quest type shows dedicated solely to Bigfoot. Is he real – or is it all a big hoax?

Ian Perez, a college student, set out to find Bigfoot and get high definition video of him once and for all. Ian and two friends head to Weaverville, California and drive into the Trinity National Forest in search for answers. I won’t ruin the outcome of the film for you, but it get’s pretty intense at points … kind of like Blair Witch Project or something.

Warning: The video has a few curse words.

The description on Vimeo reads:

A project for my documentary class. Its brief and doesn’t dive as deep into the subject as much as I’d would have liked it to, but considering the three of us turned this out in a week i’m not too bummed… hopefully we’ll be back to spend a couple weeks in the woods instead of one night and have more interviews with locals.

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