Two New Hiking T-Shirts For August

Last Friday we launched two new hiking t-shirts, including our first women’s specific shirt… all our previous shirts weren’t necessarily for men only, it’s just that they were created in men’s sizes. The new Hike The Outdoors design is printed on a shirt cut and sized specifically for women. It’s manufactured from the same lightweight organic cotton and has a fashion fit, so it’s not baggy. The design features a woman hiker with a backpack on walking across a beautiful blue and green background.

The other new hiking shirt we launched on Friday is called Lone Tree. This shirt has a unique style to it, featuring a hiker next to a lone tree on the summit of a mountain. This shirt is available in three different colors: light blue, white and natural. I love the contrast of the chocolate color design on the light blue tee.

Both shirts are priced at $18.95. Don’t forget, Adayak has $3.99 3-Day shipping on any size order.

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