5 Reasons Why No One Climbs With You

You’ve heard ‘It Takes Two To Tango’ … well, it also takes two to climb – unless you’re Dan Osman. But most of us need a climbing partner… someone to work the ropes with, someone to share the long rides with and someone to share the thrill with. If you’ve been rock climbing a long time you likely have that core group of climbing friends who scale the rock with you in every opportunity.

But what if you start noticing that your core group of climbing buddies have stopped inviting you out? What if they start climbing without you? Or maybe you could never find a climbing partner to begin with? What could cause a climbing partner to not want to climb with you any more?

In today’s post we’ll look at 5 Reasons Why No One Climbs With You

1. You Don’t Belay
No one wants to climb with someone if they don’t take turns belaying. If you refuse to belay or maybe don’t belay as much as your partner does for you then that will cause tension and result in your partner packing up and moving on.

2. You’re Too Competitive
It always feels good to be first, but sometimes climbing isn’t about who can do it first or who can do it the fastest. Sometimes it’s about just enjoying yourself in nature. If you always make it a competition you’re partner will find someone else to chill with.

3. You Complain
“I can’t make that climb” … “It’s too hot” … “I don’t want to take that route” … “My legs hurt” … “My arms hurt” – does any of this sound like you? No one likes a complainer, especially when climbing. Climbers need to be optimistic and encouraging. We need to always look on the bright side. If you complain while on the mounta you could lose your climbing partners and be left alone.

4. You Never Offer to Drive
Don’t mooch off your climbing buddies – offer to share the driving responsibilities. Some of us have to drive hours to reach a good climb so it’s important to not always make the same person drive every time.

5. You’re A Newb
Sorry to tell you this, but if you’re a newb (or suck) then some of your partners might bail on you and find new friends to climb with. You have to be able to keep up with the group. Try work on your climbing technique and skills at a local gym.

We’d love to hear some of the other reasons why no one wants to climb with you. What can you think of? Submit a comment and let us know.

rock climbing at Adayak

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why No One Climbs With You

  1. 6- You are not social
    You don’t bring your dog/kids with you when go climbing. You don’t chitchat about work/family/personal problems/life. You don’t hang out after climbing…

  2. A huge one for me is safety. If I’m climbing with someone who doesn’t take safety seriously, or has bad belaying habits, I won’t climb with them. Period. I’ll make an effort to let them know I’m uncomfortable and offer suggestions that would help improve safety, but if they’re cavalier about it, or have an attitude that I’m “too cautious” then I won’t climb with them again.

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