Yo! Where’s The Eddy?

An eddy is part of a river where there is no water flow (or in some cases there is a tiny whirlpool where the water spins in a circle). They are generally set off to the side and created by a small creek flowing into the main river in the opposite direction or there could be a blockage that forces the main flow of the water in a different direction – like a massive rock or downed tree

river eddy

A river eddy can be a lifesaver for a paddler. They offer a place to rest, relax and scout the perfect line ahead. When you’re in an eddy you shouldn’t have to paddle at all, or at least, very little because there is no water flow. The folks over at Paddling.Net put together an extensive eddy guide with diagrams showing how a paddler can ferry into the eddy and peel out when he or she is ready to move on.

We used the eddy as a concept for one of our kayaking shirts, River Eddy. This shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, is available in white from sizes Small – XXL. Priced at only $18.95. Get it while it’s hot!

kayaking shirt

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