5 Tips To Conquer Your Hike in 100 Degree Heat

Have you noticed that all of North America is in a heat wave (sorry Europe and Asia, I’m not sure what the temps are like for you)? It seems like every time I flip past the weather channel on TV the entire country is bright orange or red – which indicate temps in the upper 80s, 90s and 100s for those of us in the South. It’s brutal out there.

High temps can force people to stay indoors rather than hitting the trail and we don’t want that! Just because it’s 100 degrees out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself on the trail. If you follow my tips you will have a much higher chance of conquering your hike … rather than heading back to the car after the first 1/4 mile.

5 Tips To Conquer Your Hike in 100 Degree Heat

1. Stay Hydrated – You can never drink too much water when on the trail in 100 degree heat. You may think you’re ok, but that’s because your mind plays tricks on it. Set your watch to a timer and have it beep every 15 minutes. This will remind you to stop and drink some water on a regular basis. Always bring enough water with you on your hike.

2. Take Breaks
– Hiking in the heat is exhausting, even if you’re hydrated. You cramp easier, your clothes get wet from sweat and your body has to work harder to keep up the pace. Stop and take short breaks every 1/2 mile or so to give your body a chance to recoup. A nice shaded area would make the perfect breaking spot.

3. Keep Hikes Short
– Don’t over extend yourself in 100 degree heat. Have you ever seen an episode of “I Shouldn’t Believe Alive” on Animal Planet? We don’t want that to be you! Don’t plan a 10 mile day hike through the desert in the middle of August. Keep hikes short (maybe 5 miles) and stick to the trail.

4. Wear Sun Protection
– This is very important because getting a sub burn is never fun! Put on SPF 15 or 30 on all parts of your body that are exposed to the sun, including your legs.

5. Wear A Brimmed Hat
– Cowboys of the old western days didn’t wear brimmed hats because they were stylish. THey wore brimmed hats because they keep the sun out of your face. You might think it’s funny looking, but conquering your hike in 100 degree heat with great success is more important than making a fashion statement.

If you have any tips you’d like to add to the list please post a comment and share them with us.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

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